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Sustainable Packaging Solutions for Qatar: Biodegradable Cutlery Manufacturing Plants.  Embrace a greener future! REECON offers complete plant and machinery solutions for manufacturing various eco-friendly cutlery products (plates, cups, bowls, take-away containers) in Qatar.  Utilize agricultural residues like wheat bran, rice husk, or palm leaves as an alternative to single-use plastics.  Discover manual, semi-automatic, and fully automatic plant options catering to all production needs.  REECON - your partner in combating plastic pollution and promoting sustainable practices in Qatar.


Invest in a Sustainable Future with REECON's Biodegradable Cutlery Manufacturing Plants in Qatar. Explore a solution that benefits both your business and the environment.  Our high-quality, international-standard machinery empowers you to produce a wide range of eco-friendly cutlery products (plates, cups, bowls, etc.) in Qatar.  Reduce your environmental footprint, cater to growing consumer demand for sustainable options, and contribute to a cleaner future for Qatar.  REECON - your trusted provider of complete biodegradable cutlery manufacturing solutions.

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Products and services

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